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What's new about Descript?

  • New 1.1.0 release (June 21, 2012)
    - new core methods for DOM manipulation
    - ElementObserver class upgrade (new methods)
    - Inheritance improvements (native methods override issue and other fixes)
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  • New 1.0.3 release (January 19, 2012)
    - Inheritance core fixes & improvements
    - EventDispatcher implementation improvements
    - new FormObserver class introduced.

"Hello World!" coded in Descript

com/example/HelloWorld.js file:

dsc.Class["com.example.HelloWorld"] = {
  Extends: "",
  Import: "descript.ui.PopupWindow",

  popup: null,

  HelloWorld: function(){
    //initialize itself
    this.popup = new descript.ui.PopupWindow("example", 300);
    this.popup.setContent("Hello World!");

  sayHello: function(){
    //show message;
    //broadcast event

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What is Descript?

Descript is a lightweight foundation framework for advanced JavaScript applications development. It was created mainly to fill all the gaps in pure JavaScript programming, making it more intuitive and compatible with modern patterns.

The simplicity and clarity makes this project unique...

Main idea of Descript is providing a well-organized and object-oriented approach in the easiest and most legible way. It is obvious that other complex frameworks offer similar features but none of them is designed well enough to be easy to use and clear to understand.

You won't find beautiful widgets, effects and other extras here...

Descript just aims to embellish the source of your app.

Main features


And a lot more cool features awaiting for you...